Jean Fraud Kerry: The wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time

Simply a Shift of Incoherency?

With his policy speech on Iraq, Mr. Kerry garnered praise that he'd finally put forth 'coherency' on the issue of Iraq. Although he probably lost a lot of cred on the issue today by taking cheap potshots at the Iraqi PM's address to Congress from the safety of a firehouse in Ohio. Instead of being present at the body to which he's an elected member of. To be on hand to accept Mr. Alawi's thanks to the United States for ousting his country's dictator. ...

Aside from just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Kerry seems to be doing his best to also demonstrate that his campaign appears to be operating on a static pie model, where if there is an increase in one area, it means a decrease in another. ...


Let's give this man an Oval Office!


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