I guess there are some vets who support Kerry after all

Well! I guess I was wrong. There are some veterans who support Jean Fraud Kerry after all. This was left as a comment on Kerry smeared a hero: my dad

I'm a Vietnamese (South VN) American and I agree with you!! Because of Kerry's hurtful words and actions, my family had to flee Saigon. 30+ years later, I still remember the pain and anguish of his actions. About 5 years, I return to find out, I would have been sent to re-education camp because my parents were part of the South Vietnam elite middle class. I see the pimps and peddlers and think to myself, that could have been me.

Children of the middle class south were prohibited from education past 6 grade. This is not hearsay or rumor but actual legislated fact.

They used Kerry's propaganda speech as part of the emotional torture to even the Vietnamese. My wife (she's VN) tells me they showed his testimony in classrooms to indoctrinate future communist and distill hate toward Americans The only vets that support Kerry are VC (Viet Cong) Vets!

Vietnamese Americans, if you read this, research your roots and vote against Kerry. Listen to what your relatives in concentration (re-education) camps have to say about Kerry. South Vietnamese patriots also had POWS, see what they have to say.

Ask people who know Madam Nguyen Binh has to say about the Paris meeting with Kerry. There is a lot of information about Kerry's action in VN. Ask you relatives in VN what they know about Collier's International (Kerry's cousin's investments) and raise the issue to the media.

I know 90% of little Saigon in CA is voting Bush/Cheney.

I should never have made the claim that no veterans backed Kerry. I take it back.


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