Another despised vet speaks out

Reader "Carridine" left the following comment on my Kerry smeared a hero: my dad post. I think he speaks for a lot of veterans and his story is another that needs to be told:

I served VietNam ERA, doing almost 3 years in Korea, on mountaintops just south of the DMZ, 1964-68; I was hand-picked by NSA to cover the follow-on to the USS Pueblo, being a Korean-linguist and all...

But none of this mattered to the 'peace protesters' flinging bags of [feces] and spitting on me as I returned from Korea ("Babykiller!" splat!) at Sea-Tac [Seatle-Tacoma)] Airport...

No one said 'Thank you' and there were no parades. We were scorned, reviled and abused.

I wear that abuse as a Badge of Service, for my beloved America. Kerry's scurrilous, cowardly and mean (small) attacks only serve to distinguish, clearly, Americans from the gutless few who would twist the American dream into 'The Root-Cause of All the World's Suffering'

Kerry has not the power to make ME suffer! America is bigger than he will EVER know, and Americans are stronger and more honest than he can fathom!

I've thought about this a lot, recently. I post as Carridine, and sell anti-Kerry songs and pro-American ditties and commentary at www.cdbaby.com/cd/kdean1 because years ago my Air Force father and his loving wife named me Kerry Dean, not realizing those names would be hijacked by leftists intent on vilifying Americans in these days!

The link in his comment leads to some music you might enjoy, but I hope you'll also check out his personal memories at http://www.tw3.wethai.com/.

Thank you for your service Carridine, and a belated "Welcome home."


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