The Mamamontezz/SlagleRock Letter Project

This post is reproduced in it's entirety from Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room:

You all remember how torqued-off I get when people disrespect military personnel? You remember how that inspired me to write an open letter to the troops that started out like a snowflake and snowballed and ended up starting a drive for letters at Slaglerock's Slaughterhouse? Remember?

Well, after collecting about 300 of these letters, Slagle and I built a site for them and he has been posting them all online. We thought that having a site where our men and women in uniform could go anytime they needed a pick-me-up or a warm message from home was a good idea. No politics, no advertisements, no pressure, just letters from appreciative people.

I want to direct you to The Letter Project, the outcome of our brainchild and of the gracious goodwill of the many many people who cared enough about our troops to take the time to send a letter for posting.

If you know anyone who is serving, whether they are deployed overseas or not, pass along this link. If you want to post a letter to the letter project, you can do so at any time by contacting me at mamamontezz(at)sbcglobal(dot)net. I will make sure it is posted.

Expect this site to evolve over time as we find better ways to get the letters up. And if you have any suggestions for sites to include in the gutter, support sites or humor sites, as long as they are not political, let us know.

I'm proud to say that I made a small contribution to the original letter project with my Let Our Troops Know You Care and An Open Letter posts and I'm pleased to be part of the effort to get the word out about its latest incarnation.

Slaglerock is an active duty Air Force NCO and a MilBlogs member. Mamamontezz is a Friend of MilBlogs. Correction: Mamamonezz and Slaglerock are both MilBlogs Members. Sorry, Lila, I don't know how I got confused about that.

If you didn't write a letter the first time around please do it now.


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