Bush Raises Questions About CBS Documents

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (Reuters) - President Bush questioned the authenticity of documents aired by CBS News that said he received special treatment during his Vietnam-era service in the National Guard, according to a Bush interview published on Saturday.

"There are a lot of questions about the documents and they need to be answered," Bush told the Union Leader newspaper of Manchester, New Hampshire, ...


"I think what needs to happen is people need to take a look at the documents, how they were created, and let the truth come out," Bush added.


In the Union Leader interview, Bush defended his service and his decision to leave the Texas Guard to transfer to Alabama in order to work on a political campaign.

"I was granted permission by my superiors," he said. "I did everything they asked me to do and met my requirements and was honorably discharged. I'm proud of my service in the Guard."


Go read the whole thing.


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