The Parable of the Walls


But there is peril in such walls, too. They must be defended, both by men who walk atop them, and by men who go forth beyond them. And, today, we fight in defense of these walls, while the clamor of war -- but no accurate sight of the war -- reaches those who remain protected within.

It is natural for such a person to look around and see only safety and pleasure, and to call out to his brother: "Come back inside! You should not be out where there is violence and misery, when you could be in here with me!" It is natural for such a person to be horrified by the sound of the violence, and to think of their fellows suffering while they wait protected inside.

That is why those who stand atop the walls are needed. They must convey a true sense of the danger to the protected within, but also a sense of the hope for victory. It is their job to explain the need for war, to encourage the frightened, and to embolden the valiant.

Once the journalist was the man upon the wall. Ask Ernie Pyle or Bill Maudlin.

Where are such patriots today? ...


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Update: I followed Grim's Bill Mauldin link and found a picture on the page that got me to thinkin' about "war hero" Jean Fraud Kerry:


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