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Pat in NC left this comment under Mail from home, the hard way:

I have searched for any blogs from military in Afghanistan without success. I would write to a single person in our military or to a group if I had any address. They are in my thoughts and prayers as are those serving in Iraq. If you have any suggestion as to how to get mail to one or more, please send me an email.

Pat, I did some poking around and found some links I hope you'll find useful:

Note to my other readers: Feel free to click the links and help out even if your name isn't Pat. :-)


At 7:27 PM, Blogger Pat in NC said...

Bill, My name is Pat. I have adopted 2 soldiers from Soldier's Angels to write to and send a package to. I picked up 2 more from a medical clinic in Fallujah to email anxd send snail mail from a blog requesting someone write to her and got a response via email to my comment that I was willing to write to her. Today in a comment section on an Iraq military blog I picked up an email address of a man serving in Afghanistan requesting email. I emailed him and asked if he knew of any others in Afghanistan who might have blogs. Gave him my blog URL and told him he could check mine out and it would give him an opportunity to write to only one while hearing from many. If he responds, I will post his email or blog URL on my blog and encourage others to write. I think those in Afghanistan are often overlooked.


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