More guest posting, etc

I've spend most of the time I would normally have spent blogging here today putting up a couple of more guest posts at The Mudville Gazette. They're things you've already seen if you've been visiting my blog for a while, but they might be new to some of you. My posting there has been a little slower than it would have been here due to needing to learn a different blogging interface. If I work with Movable Type long enough I may decide I like it better that the Blogger interface, but for now I'm still on the learning curve.

I just spent some time chasing a lead, one of the few bad ones I've ever gotten from the New York Post, hoping to be able to blast Johnny Edwards for using college to avoid the draft, then whining because Dick Cheney had done the same thing. Problem is, when you check into it a little more you find out Edwards avoided the draft by being born late enough that he wouldn't have been called up with or without a student deferment. I still shudder at the very thought of "President Edwards" but we'll have to find another reason to hang him --- I'm sure there are some good ones.

I also finally had to admit that putting all of my inbound and outbound blog-related email in one folder wasn't working out, and spent some time sorting mail. Oh, the price we pay for popularity.


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