Next stop Damascus?

From a German-language newspaper, via Captain's Quarters:


Berlin - Syrian units employed chemical weapons against the black African population of Darfur in June of this year. The action, in which dozens of people were killed, was carried out with the agreement of the Sudanese government. Western intelligence services have reached this conclusion. They are supported by eyewitness reports that have been published in various Arab media outlets.


As Captain Ed comments:


So we have another Ba'athist regime using chemical weapons to put down a civil war. Anyone want to guess where they got the weapons? ... With Saddam and his regime gone, those Iraqi weapons came in awfully handy. It makes that al-Qaeda attempt at using a chemical-weapons bomb in Jordan look less like a fluke, doesn't it?

But no one in that area has WMD capability ... Bush lied, after all. Just ask the people of Darfur.


Go read all about it.


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