Images: I post, you choose

A PowerLine commenter has pointed out one more of the suicidal aspects of the Dem's attacks on President Bush's Air National Guard service:

A Woman's View:
I don't know if anyone has ever pointed this out to you, but I think every time Bush is shown in his Natl Guard Uniform, [it] is a plus for him because he looks so cute in it. His image is very appealing to women. I think this helps him instead of hurting him. What do you think? Maybe others can opine.

The PowerLine gang follows through with another good point in Bush V. Kerry: We Post, You Decide. Which of the following pictures makes you think "That looks like a man with a great future," this one:

or this one?:

While we're at it, what sort of image do you think America's First Daughters should project? An image like this:

or like this?:

I post, you decide.


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