Gee, could it be that ... ?

This started life as response by one of the regulars to a troll post at The Mudville Gazette. If "JarheadDad" ever starts his own blog he'll be eating Large Mammals for breakfast within a month, but since he isn't blogging yet I want to see that this gets some exposure:

Oh I dunno' Ghost. Could it be because Kerry should've been tried for aiding and abetting under the U[C]MJ for his meetings in Paris with the enemies of our Country while still IRR?

Or could it be that Kerry threw his brothers-in-arms under the bus with his slander and lies in his base political attempts with his Winter Soldier testimony? You can check with the Stolen Honor POW Vets on that issue!

Maybe it's because Kerry has yet to apologize to anyone about being a treasonous bastard after he got home while abandoning his duty after only four months in-country to begin with.

Just might be that picture of his hanging in that NVA museum proclaiming him a hero of the Communist North Vietnamese.

Or could it possibly be that Kerry refuses to sign a 180 and release his records while trying desperately to flame Bush who has released his?

It could possibly be the time that Kerry further debased his brothers-in-arms by throwing his medals over the fence at the White House. Or was that his ribbons? No, it was someone else's medals. Aw wait a minute, it was someone else's ribbons!

I can just bet you though it was really Kerry's vote against the funding our troops needed in their effort in Iraq. That was right after he voted for it I believe!

Another good guess could be Kerry's ever changing policy on Iraq and the WoT in general. I believe this week he is planning on pulling the troops out and surrendering like his buddies the Phrench surrender monkeys. No, I believe it's back to sending more troops to win the fight. That can't be it though because he wants to make sure the Guard doesn't have to serve in anything that would take them from home. So it must be back to surrendering again. Yeah, that's gotta' be it! hard to tell 'cause it's only Friday. Will get back to you after the talking head shows on Sunday. I'm sure we'll finally see the real policy by then!

You spew your hatred and don't even have the decency to give credit to Bush for flying a very dangerous aircraft. Funny how that works! You really ought to get that hatred thing looked at! I believe the sleeve reads "Honorable" Discharge.

At least we know Kerry for who he truly is as he reinvents himself on almost a daily basis. This is a thread about honor. Something Kerry wouldn't know about if it reared up and bit him on the butt!


At 8:01 PM, Blogger Sergeant America said...


I thought I'd never read that long a reply to a demoncrat with out at least a little "spice" along the way. I commend the writer for not only controlling his words; but also in his distillation of the truth so that even the crudest of individuals could understand the facts given in his words...

I just "enjoy" the "heck" out of lil' posers who sit on the other side of the screen and type like they actually know what the HELL's goin' on...




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