A Public Apology Of My Own

I have a public apology of my own to make, since that's in vogue these days. First, some background so I don't confuse anyone:
  • Ed M. at Captains Quarters is not a veteran and has never claimed to be. IIRC he has explained in the past that the nickname "Captain Ed" has a nautical but not Naval history. Nonetheless, he has proven in his blogging to be a true friend of Americans in uniform and no fan of John Kerry, which are two of the many things I admire about the gentleman.
  • For a brief period, way back before I had a blog of my own, let alone a key to Greyhawk's, there was a blog called "JAG Wire", written by a JAG officer named "Whiskey" at http://2whiskey.blogs.com/jagwire/. The blog had a very brief life, apparently due to complications of some sort arising from separation of official duties and blogging interests. During its brief life the blog was good enough that I still have it bookmarked, even knowing there's no one there any more.
  • Not long after "JAG Wire" went away, Captain Ed welcomed aboard a new co-blogger named "Whiskey" and mentioned that she'd had some legal training. After seeing approximately one sample of her writing, I left a comment asking whether she might be the same "Whiskey" who used to have her own blog. She was quick to neither confirm nor deny my theory.
  • After a few weeks of writing some wonderful posts at Captain's Quarters, the "Whiskey" who had been posting there took a blogging hiatus to take care of some unspecified business somewhere in Asia. She's back now.

Now for my apology: Whiskey, I'm sorry I tried to start that conspiracy rumor before and I won't do that again, although who knows who CBS will go after next? Since you aren't a military person and therefore can't post to The Mudville Gazette as a guest MilBlogger, I'll just have to start coming by Captain's Quarters twice a day now instead of once like I did while you were away. Welcome back to the blogosphere. You were missed.


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