International Man of Mystery Charms Pants Off World

Let’s face it. Bush sucked last night. In this debate, they both came across EXACTLY like they do in this cartoon. But don’t despair fellow Conservatives. Kerry buried himself with his own words.
  • Bilateral negotiations with North Korea? Exclude China, Japan and Russia? Just how stupid would that be?
  • Scrap the bunker-busting nukes we’re developing? Oh I see, the way to deal with the threat of nuclear proliferation is to unilaterally disarm. What a ‘tard!
  • Global test? That’s a real loser for Kerry.
  • Add 80,000 men to the armed forces? How? With a draft?
  • Give nuclear fuel to Iran? Oh my God! Clinton did that with North Korea and look what happened. This man is dangerous!
If the Right does it’s job this will be what’s discussed in the days to come. This is a fleeting victory for Kerry, that in the next week or so, will evaporate as Kerry is forced to defend his own words yet again.
Shamelessly stolen from a site I'll be visiting often from now on.


At 9:42 PM, Blogger Cartoon Nazi said...

I’m flattered that you posted my story. I’ve never been “quoted” like this before.


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