Swift Vets / POWs Post Petition Urging Kerry to Come Clean

From the 1 October 04 Swift Vets e-Newsletter:

In a new petition the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth are calling for Senator Kerry to set the record straight and come clean about his fallacious Senate testimony and postwar radicalism. In calling for Kerry to tell the truth, the petition asks Kerry to produce evidence for his claims about war crimes and atrocities committed by American soldiers in Vietnam.

If Kerry wants to become Commander in Chief he needs to clearly explain to the nation what he meant when he said he participated in war crimes and how he could justify working with a foreign government at war with the United States.

He must also acknowledge the damage his activities did to POWs in Vietnam
when he was safely on American soil and apologize to our POWs for the harm he
causes them.

Kerry's entire chain of command and the overwhelming majority of those who served with him refuted his version of his conduct in Vietnam. Yet Kerry refuses to respond himself. The burden lies with Senator Kerry to set the record straight.

Read more. I've signed the petition and I hope you will too.


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