Wictory Wednesday

Wictory Wednesday

Dozens of blogs across the country participate in Wictory Wednesday. Every Wednesday, these bloggers put up a post asking their readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign. In their Wictory Wednesday posts, they also include the Wictory Wednesday blogroll, which lists all participating blogs.

I display the Wictory Wednesday blogroll on my sidebar seven days a week. -- Why wait for Wednesday to support the president's efforts to be reelected when we need a good man person (Rice/Lieberman '08!) in charge every day? Please do whatever you can for the Bush/Cheney campaign. We're in a war, people. We need a leader who understands that.

I'm posting this, my first Wictory Wednesday post, today, August 18. I'll bump it to the top of my blog every Wednesday.

Update: 10:15 AM: PoliPundit has a reminder on his site that there are only two weeks left till the Republican National Convention. After that, it will be too late to donate to the Bush campaign. Do it now, please.

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