"Why Dan Rather Hates Me"

Greyhawk stopped by The Mudville Gazette long enough to explain why Dan Rather's slander of a dead Air National Guard officer is an insult to every deceased, serving, or retired officer in our countries military service:

Why Dan Rather Hates Me

And I Don't Care

Blackfive came to the same conclusion I did. You'll find we're both offended by an element of the Rather Forgeries that seems to have escaped many others notice: a deceased officer's honor has been called into question. Many civilians won't comprehend this issue, but to military people honor matters.


Back to the point: The honor of an officer has been soiled. A man of honor, a man of undeniable courage has been depicted as a craven coward by these memos. An F-102 Fighter Squadron Commander without the guts to stand up for what he believed in? A man responsible for multiple millions of dollars in aircraft and equipment, the lives of his pilots, and the defense of a large sector of American air space was in reality a wimp who couldn't stand up to the slightest pressure from above?

Hopefully you get the point. Dan Rather's message to military folks everywhere was this: Lt Col Jerry Killlian, Texas Air National Guard, was a gutless wimp.

Go read the rest of it.


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