Upcoming Military Draft - Sick of the Myth!

Upcoming Military Draft - Sick of the Myth!

On all the forums, I am reading individuals, mainly liberals, trying to scare Americans into believing that if President Bush is elected the Draft will be reinstated. There is argument is that we do not have a large enough military to accomplish the President's agenda. I have found many articles that dispute this argument but one does it best.

Here are some excerpts from this article:

The war is not only not having a negative effect, but it is helping to reinforce the number of people who want to join," said Cmdr. John Kirby, a spokesman for the Navy's Bureau of Personnel.

Even the Army National Guard, which has had 150,000 citizen soldiers mobilized for up to a year, has seen retention rates "going through the roof," said Guard spokesman Maj. Robert Howell.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard all met or exceeded their year-end recruiting goals for fiscal year 2003, which ended Sept. 30. The figures continued to climb in the first half of fiscal year 2004, which was reached March 31.

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