Slogan contest -- You could be a winner!

Best of the Web helped promote a Heinz ketchup promotioanal slogan contest yesterday:

Submitted With Relish

The H.J. Heinz Co. has announced its "Say Something Ketchuppy II" contest:

Sometimes our label gets tired of saying "Tomato Ketchup" all of the time. We received a huge response from our first talking label contest, and now our ketchup is begging for more of your ideas. So make a joke about french fries or have some fun at the expense of mustard. Once again it is time to send your funny phrase (8 words or less, please) and the best ones will be featured on our front label in stores across the country.

Early winners include "Easier to spell than Worcestershire" and "Seeking employment in your kitchen." But we got to thinking: Why not a slogan that pays homage to Teresa Heinz Kerry, the outspoken ketchup heiress and philanthropist?

Best of the Web readers came up with some far better suggestions:

Getting Sauced

With anticipation, we opened our e-mail this morning to see what suggestions you, our readers, would have for Heinz ketchup slogans after our item yesterday on the subject. Here are our favorites:

  • "Only an idiot would use mustard."
  • "Our flavor is stronger at home and respected in the world."
  • "Foreign leaders prefer ketchup."
  • "Ketchup: C'est magnifique."
  • "The taste that's smeared--smeared--in your memory."
  • "For your papases fritas, your pommes frites, your patate fritte and your fritadas francesas."
  • "Mustard: The wrong condiment in the wrong place at the wrong time."
  • "By the way, served in your kitchen."
  • "Too good for the common man."
  • "Hunt's is for scumbags."
  • "It's red, like the blood John Kerry spilled in Vietnam."

Doesn't anyone ever get tired of picking on poor little Johnny?

Can you top the early entries?


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