Which Man Has What It Takes?

Shamelessly stolen from Blackfive, who's always worth a daily visit:

Which of these men do you want leading our country?

Yo! Matt! When are you gonna post more pictures of your little girl? The world's waiting.

Update 26SEP2004: KerryHaters has a more recent picture. Note the vast improvement in Jean Fraud's technique.

Update: Joey at Cabal of Doom has an interesting theory about all of the pictures you see of Jean Fraud with his eyes closed:

Was Lurch daydreaming that he was JFK playing touch football or was he sleepwalking when the football hit him in the face? No wonder Lurch won't release his medical records or all of his military records:

Much more troubling than cancer, however, are indications, from those who know him well, that John Kerry suffers from parasomnia, a sleep disorder, which can manifest in many ways, including insomnia, sleepwalking, night terrors, and restless leg syndrome, among others.


It's time to release all of your medical and military records Jean Fraud. What are you hiding?


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