Instapundit links to Greyhawk, then brings in reinforcements

I started to just put this in the comments Of Greyhawk's Dear Ms Cocco post, but then I decided everyone needs to see it. I'm copying part of an Instapundit post I think all Mudville Gazette readers everyone should see:

UPDATE: Some thoughts on the draft from a serviceman in Iraq. [Greyhawk's post -- BF]

ANOTHER UPDATE: The New York Post: "Dan does it again."

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader sends me a copy of this email he sent to the anti-draft crusaders interviewed by Rather:

Our 22 year old son is a US Marine, SpOps. His Btn just returned from the al Anbar region of Iraq. They have the unfortunate distinction of having taken the most casualties of any Coalition unit in Iraq (33 KIA 200+WIA, sent home). However, they - in the proud tradition of US Marines, and specifically the 7th Marine Regiment - killed over 3,000 of the enemy bringing peace to the region o which they were assigned. They took on an area where there was murderous terrorist activity on a daily basis and today, it's as safe as most of Philly.



Go read it.


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