So how much is a soldier's life worth, Mrs. Kerry?

From Blogs for Bush:
Kerry's Price Cap on Protecting Our Soldiers

It never ceases to amaze what liberals find themselves proud of.

Teresa Heinz-Kerry speaking to a crowd of 600 Democrats in Colorado responded to a heckler questioning her husbands vote against supporting our troops...

During a question and answer session, a young man demanded to know why Kerry voted to give Bush authority to attack Iraq but voted against an $87 billion appropriation bill to support the war effort there.

"Is that the kind of thing he would do as president?," the man asked.

Heinz Kerry sharply asked the man whether he had read the legislation that was voted on. When he said no, she told him that Kerry had supported $60 billion in military appropriations for Iraq, but would not vote for the full $87 billion because he considered it a "blank check." Kerry was one of 11 Democrats to vote against the bill.

Oh, so John Kerry thinks that there should be a cap on how much we spend to protect them in harms way? What is that all about? I didn't realize John Kerry felt that we have to put a price tag on protecting our troops.

Is that the kind of Commander-In-Chief we want - one who believes that there is a price too high to pay to protect our soldiers in combat?

So how much is a Soldier's life worth, Mrs. Kerry?


At 12:34 PM, Blogger Lunaris Victoria said...

Don't know about that bitch, but to me the life of a soldier is worth freedom and liberty to me, my family, and to America, and all the people of the world.

That freedom is worth a far sight more than what, in comparison, is only a measely $87,000,000,000.

All the money in the world couldn't pay for the life of one soldier. We should have no price caps. We should instead be seeing how far we can raise the roof.

But that's my opinion. And I'm crazy according to the whining left. Heh, go figure...


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