More old Times New Roman

From a recent Instapundit post:

... So let me look at one aesthetic aspect of this campaign -- the bumper stickers. I think it's important, and so does John Kerry!

[H]e spent four weeks mulling the design of his campaign logo, consulting associates about what font it should use and whether it should include an American flag. (It does.)

So what hath Kerry wrought? I think it's a winner:

It's got a very nice retro-look, somehow reminiscent of the NewFrontiers era. Smart move, since that's the last time a Democrat ran convincingly as strong on national defense, and there's that whole JFK-parallel thing going, too. The flag was a nice addition, and certainly strengthens that effect.

Retro look? After 4 four weeks, he came up with Times New Roman! This is something I just produced with Microsoft Word 2002:

One right over the other, to make them easier to compare:

Of course, I'm sure C-BS thinks they're from the '60s, anyway.


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