Stopping to smell the roses for a moment or two. From my daughter's blog.


You’re beautiful, you know.
Flashing eyes and an alabaster smile,
Sprinkling faerie dust in your wake.
I long to touch you.. to wade in the
Glory of your soul.
Sometimes I get close.
But then you parry, circling round me, and finally
Turning away.
I don’t want to capture you, you are
Something to be admired from arm’s length.
I just want your acknowledgement.
Your touch leaves me trembling,
Your smile shatters me,
Your glance is a cross between ice and
Let me know you. Let me move from the shadows
Into the light of your gaze.
Let me show you the echo of Eden’s dawn.

Heather [Faith] Brinkley
August 1996

There's more on an old web site my daughter quit updating. I'll post some of it occasionally when my mood needs brightened.


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