An "Extended Entry" Technique for Blogger/Blogspot

Blogger users, would it be useful to be able to use "Extended Entries" like they have in Movable Type and some of the other higher-end programs? (Please see my "So how much is a Soldier's life worth, Mrs. Kerry?" post at The Mudville Gazette for an example of how it's done in MT if you need one.) Actually, there is a way to do that with Blogger. Please click the 'Continue Reading "An 'Extended Entry' Technique for Blogger/Blogspot"' link to learn more. If you came here via a link directly to this post, please click the words "In Bill's World" at the top of the page to get to my main page so you can see the effect in action.

Continue reading "An 'Extended Entry' Technique for Blogger/Blogspot" (Coming soon. I'm working on it.)