The Road Less Graveled

I was going to settle for excerpting this and linking to The Mudville Gazette or Blackfive, then I discovered a copy in my inbox, which I’ll take as permission to post the whole thing. Gen-u-wine Texas boy Russ Vaughn has blessed us with another masterpiece.

The Road Less Graveled
(A down home message for Dan Rather in the colorful Texas idiom he so loves)

Y’all know what we all been thinkin’ out here in Texas, Dan, since you started all this foolishness? We think y’all been pissin’ down our necks an’ tellin’ us it’s rain for so long that you boys done got to believin’ it yourselves. Heck, we think maybe you been back East so long you got yourself thinkin’ us folks out here couldn’t hit sand if we fell off our horses; couldn’t hit water if we fell outta the boat. Danged if you ain’t been treatin’ us like you think we got squirrels swimmin’ in our gene pools or sumthin.’ You need to remind yourself that a tree don’t ever get too big for a short dog to lift his leg on, Dan.

Bout them documents bein’ genuine; well, hells-bells, Danny Boy, Grannie’s glasses are so thick, when she looks at a bare wall she see’s folks wavin’ at her, an’ even she can tell them memos are bout as phony as hips on a rattlesnake. We’re startin’ to think your brain done got harder than a woodpecker’s lips if you can’t see that. As far as that story bout George an’ his National Guard duty, looks to us like you’re tryin’ to put wheels on a cow an’ call it a dairy truck. Then you go pokin’ up her butt hopin’ you’re gonna find ice cream. Besides, ever time you durn fools put that picture of young George in his flyboy outfit on the TeeVee, ol’ Jane Fonda loses another herd of her Vagina Voters. Hell, Charlene says that sweet boy’s purtier than my new tangerine metalflake bass boat.

Well, Danny, you still ain’t lost all your redneck habits; you boys took one pickup load to the dump an’ come back with two. Dadgummit, Dan, where you gittin’ all this stuff? You been callin’ some kinda mystery numbers that ol’ boy, whatsisname, Kenneth, is bringin’ you offa bathroom walls at truck stops? Somethin’ you oughta be worryin’ about, Danny Boy: you know how the boys say when you go on a hunt always make sure to save a round for your huntin’ guide? Like if he don’t find nuthin’ else for you to shoot? You suppose any a them rich, fancy-shmancy, New York dudes you work for ever been on a hunt and heard that, Dan, hmmm?

You know how you always been fond a sayin’ you feel like a long tailed cat in a room full a rockin’ chairs? Well, seems to us like you’re startin’ to look more like the ground floor tenant in a two-story outhouse. Yeah, for sure you ain’t lookin’ like the tallest hog at the trough no more. Why, we bet you got yourself wired so tight right now that if we stuck a chunk a coal up your butt it’d come out a diamond in about five minutes. Last time we seen you on TeeVee your smile looked like Charlene’s little ol’ chihuahua dog that time he bit down on one a them ol’ yeller-jacket wasps; you know, kinda like that look a feller gets when he squats with his spurs on.

An’ about your boss, that city slicker fella, Johnnie Klein, the one said somethin’ bout all us sittin’ out here in our long johns? Well we’re gonna give him some advice so good he can take it out back an’ bury it in a Mason jar. You see, the fact is, Danny Boy, now that all us earthworms is gittin’ guns, you big birds is gonna have to be more careful bout where you’re peckin.’ Somebody needs to tell that dude, Klein, that his cage may still be turnin’ but his squirrel’s done died. Course, maybe the boy can’t help hisself; it might run in the family, you know, generic. We heard tell when he was born his ol’ momma carried the little feller around upside down for a whole year wonderin’ why he only had one eye.

Yeah them ol’ boys up there at Power Line done gone an’ slapped you dudes nekkid an’ hid your clothes. Them blogger cats watched you fellers jump in that ol’ litter box an’ they just flat covered you up, quicker ‘n slicker than WD 40 on a doorknob. Yeah you boys done gone skinny dippin’ in a pond full a snappin’ turtles. Looks like them broadcastin’ geniuses at CBS done let them yeller-dog Democrats talk you inta sellin’ your mule so you could buy a plow. When you crawled into the sack with little Miss McCauliffe you done got yourself a real ugly bed partner there, Dan, like a real three-bagger, I mean. You know the drill: one bag over her head, one over yours and one over the dog’s so’s at least he’ll have some respect for you come mornin.’

Before all y’all up there at CBS go tryin’ to saddle up another hog for a quarter horse race, you need to think about this: us ol’ boys out here know a keyboard ain’t where you hang the pickup keys and a byte ain’t what Bubba’s pit bull did to Cousin Billy; we know modem ain’t what we did when the weeds got up to the porch and digital ain’t countin’ on our fingers, least not any more. Yeah, we done got ourselves a dog in this fight, a bloggin’ pit bull, Dan Boy, an’ he’s justa slobberin’ for another big ol’
bite of Liberal blubber butt. Didn’t your ol’ daddy ever tell you that you ain’t never gonna be the brightest bulb on the tree if you go huntin’ bobcats with a BB gun?

But cheer up, Dan, maybe one a these days all you pointy-headed, liberal, media fellers will see the light. Course, seein’s where y’all seem to be keepin’ them pointy heads, it’ll prob’ly be one a them there things the doctors use.

Whatcha call ‘em, proctoscopes?


Russ Vaughn
A Texan

P.S. Charlene says to tell you don’t even think about comin’ back to Texas. Way folks out here feel, you’d have to tie a pork chop around your neck just to get a dog to play with you. Well, and maybe Mollie Ivins.

Give it up, Danny boy. Wouldn't you rather be fishin' anyhow?

Watch this space ... developing ...

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Pat in NC, I still owe you some information; Please forgive me; I'll get it up as soon as I can.

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Light blogging again

Confession time: Sometimes I'm not too bright. I installed the upgrade to Windows Media Player 10 without testing it after I was done, then installed a bunch of other things, Microsoft Office for instance, after I was done. I just spent 3 hours trying old System Restore points that didn't work before I found one that fixed the Media Player problem and lost Office, and possibly Svc Pack 2, in the process. Gonna be busy for a while. I owe some people emails and there are some things I really want to blog about soon, but I have to deal with security issues and get Front Page working again before I can do much. Without Front Page, or at least Word, I'm a pretty pathetic blogger.

Pat in NC: I'll find you some answers or bleg for someone else to.

JarheadDad: I owe you an email but if you come by here before I get it written, please scroll down a little. I turned your Mudville comment into a post on my blog.

Update 8:22PM: I'm back in business, including getting Media Player 10 to install right this this time. I have a little housekeeping to do on the blog, then I'll get back to new business.

"The only thing worse for a Blogger 'sides havin' wide skid marks on light colored pajamas...is havin' one's 'puter decide to go A.W.O.L!" Mike, I couldn't agree more.

The 5th Swift Boats ad is out

Go Watch "Dazed and Confused". It's a hoot.

Key quote (John Kerry, 2004): "We threw away the symbols of what our country gave us. And I’m proud of it."

Gee, could it be that ... ?

This started life as response by one of the regulars to a troll post at The Mudville Gazette. If "JarheadDad" ever starts his own blog he'll be eating Large Mammals for breakfast within a month, but since he isn't blogging yet I want to see that this gets some exposure:

Oh I dunno' Ghost. Could it be because Kerry should've been tried for aiding and abetting under the U[C]MJ for his meetings in Paris with the enemies of our Country while still IRR?

Or could it be that Kerry threw his brothers-in-arms under the bus with his slander and lies in his base political attempts with his Winter Soldier testimony? You can check with the Stolen Honor POW Vets on that issue!

Maybe it's because Kerry has yet to apologize to anyone about being a treasonous bastard after he got home while abandoning his duty after only four months in-country to begin with.

Just might be that picture of his hanging in that NVA museum proclaiming him a hero of the Communist North Vietnamese.

Or could it possibly be that Kerry refuses to sign a 180 and release his records while trying desperately to flame Bush who has released his?

It could possibly be the time that Kerry further debased his brothers-in-arms by throwing his medals over the fence at the White House. Or was that his ribbons? No, it was someone else's medals. Aw wait a minute, it was someone else's ribbons!

I can just bet you though it was really Kerry's vote against the funding our troops needed in their effort in Iraq. That was right after he voted for it I believe!

Another good guess could be Kerry's ever changing policy on Iraq and the WoT in general. I believe this week he is planning on pulling the troops out and surrendering like his buddies the Phrench surrender monkeys. No, I believe it's back to sending more troops to win the fight. That can't be it though because he wants to make sure the Guard doesn't have to serve in anything that would take them from home. So it must be back to surrendering again. Yeah, that's gotta' be it! hard to tell 'cause it's only Friday. Will get back to you after the talking head shows on Sunday. I'm sure we'll finally see the real policy by then!

You spew your hatred and don't even have the decency to give credit to Bush for flying a very dangerous aircraft. Funny how that works! You really ought to get that hatred thing looked at! I believe the sleeve reads "Honorable" Discharge.

At least we know Kerry for who he truly is as he reinvents himself on almost a daily basis. This is a thread about honor. Something Kerry wouldn't know about if it reared up and bit him on the butt!

Sen Bob Dole statement on latest MoveOn ad

Senator Bob Dole issued the following statement:

“As Chairman of the Bush-Cheney Veterans Coalition, and as a veteran, I call on John Kerry to demand that MoveOn.org take down their ad depicting a defeated American soldier.

It’s one thing to debate whether we should take the fight to the terrorists, but depicting an American soldier in effect surrendering in the battle against the terrorists is beyond the pale.

Read the whole thing.


Kerry Announces That He Will Be Re-activated to Active Service

Kerry Announces That He Will Be Re-activated to Active Service

John Forbes Kerry announced today in Roswell, NM that he will be recalled to active duty on November 3, 2004 in order to begin his trial for War Crimes that he admits committing while in Vietnam during his 150 days of service in 1968 - 1969.

Read the whole thing

Col. Buck Staudt goes public -- Lt. George W. Bush did NOT receive preferential treatment

ABC News: Speaking Out -- Air National Guard Colonel Denies Bush Got Preferential Treatment

Sept. 17, 2004 — The man cited in media reports as having allegedly pressured others in the Texas Air National Guard to help George W. Bush is speaking out, telling ABC News in an exclusive interview that he never sought special treatment for Bush.

Retired Col. Walter ["Buck"] Staudt, who was brigadier general of Bush's unit in Texas, interviewed Bush for the Guard position and retired in March 1972. He was mentioned in one of the memos allegedly written by Lt. Col. Jerry Killian as having pressured Killian to assist Bush, though Bush supposedly was not meeting Guard standards.

"I never pressured anybody about George Bush because I had no reason to," ...


Staudt insisted Bush did not use connections to avoid being sent to Vietnam.

"He didn't use political influence to get into the Air National Guard," Staudt said, ...


During his time in charge of the unit, Staudt decided whether to accept those who applied for pilot training. He recalled Bush as a standout candidate.

"He was highly qualified," he said. "He passed all the scrutiny and tests he was given."

Staudt said he never tried to influence Killian or other Guardsmen, and added that he never came under any pressure himself to accept Bush. "No one called me about taking George Bush into the Air National Guard," he said. "It was my decision. I swore him in. I never heard anything from anybody."

When he interviewed for the job, Bush was eager to join the pilot program, which Staudt said often was a hard sell. "I asked him, 'Why do you want to be a fighter pilot?' " Staudt recalled. "He said, 'Because my daddy was one.' He was a well-educated, bright-eyed young man, just the kind of guy we were looking for."


Game, set, match, Danny boy, and it ain't lookin' too good for your "war hero" either.

Images: I post, you choose

A PowerLine commenter has pointed out one more of the suicidal aspects of the Dem's attacks on President Bush's Air National Guard service:

A Woman's View:
I don't know if anyone has ever pointed this out to you, but I think every time Bush is shown in his Natl Guard Uniform, [it] is a plus for him because he looks so cute in it. His image is very appealing to women. I think this helps him instead of hurting him. What do you think? Maybe others can opine.

The PowerLine gang follows through with another good point in Bush V. Kerry: We Post, You Decide. Which of the following pictures makes you think "That looks like a man with a great future," this one:

or this one?:

While we're at it, what sort of image do you think America's First Daughters should project? An image like this:

or like this?:

I post, you decide.

Thanks, ABC!

ABC news just passed up a perfectly good opportunity to just keep quiet and reminded a lot of people who might have forgotten it otherwise about John Fraud Kerry's 1971 medal toss.
Swift Boat Controversy

ABC News Objects to Group’s Use of Good Morning America Footage in New Swift Boat Ad


Ain't life a hoot?

Things could be worse. They have been in the past.

TigerHawk points out that despite all of the indignation on both sides of the blogosphere about the way a couple of Kerry supporters have been treated at pro-Bush gatherings and the way some Bush supporters have been treated at pro-Kerry functions, things have been a lot worse in the past, within his and my memory. There were some students, and some non-student agitators, at Kent State and a lot of other campuses, that fully deserved lengthy jail terms for their "protest" activities in the spring of 1970. No one deserved what happened at Kent State.

It's been worse people. Pray with me it never gets that bad again.

"Why Dan Rather Hates Me"

Greyhawk stopped by The Mudville Gazette long enough to explain why Dan Rather's slander of a dead Air National Guard officer is an insult to every deceased, serving, or retired officer in our countries military service:

Why Dan Rather Hates Me

And I Don't Care

Blackfive came to the same conclusion I did. You'll find we're both offended by an element of the Rather Forgeries that seems to have escaped many others notice: a deceased officer's honor has been called into question. Many civilians won't comprehend this issue, but to military people honor matters.


Back to the point: The honor of an officer has been soiled. A man of honor, a man of undeniable courage has been depicted as a craven coward by these memos. An F-102 Fighter Squadron Commander without the guts to stand up for what he believed in? A man responsible for multiple millions of dollars in aircraft and equipment, the lives of his pilots, and the defense of a large sector of American air space was in reality a wimp who couldn't stand up to the slightest pressure from above?

Hopefully you get the point. Dan Rather's message to military folks everywhere was this: Lt Col Jerry Killlian, Texas Air National Guard, was a gutless wimp.

Go read the rest of it.

New blog on the street

Vietnam-era veteran Sergeant America, whose Johnny Four Months blog I'm sure I've mentioned before, has started a second blog with a broader scope. Please check it out. I think you'll enjoy it.

Mail from home, the hard way

Blackfive has posted another must-read letter to remind us that Iraq isn't the only place we still have brave men and women sacrificing for our country every day. Greyhawk is keeping pretty quiet about the details of his out-of -town business, but if you can read Blackfive's post without wondering whether the writer crossed paths with SGT Hook and some of his Soldiers, you haven't been reading enough MilBlogs.

THE FOUR-ENGINE C-130 Hercules descends toward total darkness above Tarin Kowt in the plains of central Afghanistan, 70 miles north of the ancient capital of Kandahar. Its wheels finally bite into an unmarked dirt airstrip. The aircraft brakes hard, then taxis along the strip. Billows of dust engulf us. The rear door yawns open, and we trundle down the tailgate onto an eerie, empty landscape lit only by the brightness of the moon. As I step onto the runway, my boots sink into six inches of powder, so fine and dry that it might be talc.

(3:32 PM: I just cross-posted this at The Mudville Gazette)


Proof found Kerry was paid for 71 Congressional testimony

John Kerry took money from the North Vietnamese for his Congressional testimony

Gallup Poll: Bush leads Kerry 55% to 44% among registered voters

USA Today: Bush clear leader in poll

Navy says John Fraud Kerry has NOT released all of his military records

Navy Contradicts Kerry on Release of Military Records

(CNSNews.com) - The U.S. Navy released documents Wednesday contradicting claims by Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry that all of his available military records have been released.


Got caught, didn't you Johnny Boy? Now everyone's going to know.

More guest posting, etc

I've spend most of the time I would normally have spent blogging here today putting up a couple of more guest posts at The Mudville Gazette. They're things you've already seen if you've been visiting my blog for a while, but they might be new to some of you. My posting there has been a little slower than it would have been here due to needing to learn a different blogging interface. If I work with Movable Type long enough I may decide I like it better that the Blogger interface, but for now I'm still on the learning curve.

I just spent some time chasing a lead, one of the few bad ones I've ever gotten from the New York Post, hoping to be able to blast Johnny Edwards for using college to avoid the draft, then whining because Dick Cheney had done the same thing. Problem is, when you check into it a little more you find out Edwards avoided the draft by being born late enough that he wouldn't have been called up with or without a student deferment. I still shudder at the very thought of "President Edwards" but we'll have to find another reason to hang him --- I'm sure there are some good ones.

I also finally had to admit that putting all of my inbound and outbound blog-related email in one folder wasn't working out, and spent some time sorting mail. Oh, the price we pay for popularity.


Is anyone else having trouble with Blogrolling on Blogspot?

For some reason, none of my blogrolls, in my sidebar or within posts, are showing up all of the sudden. I have some other scripts in my template that seem to be working fine. Can anyone shed any light on what's happening?

Update: Why the #$%*# does clicking a shortcut for www.blogrolling.com take me to a Tucows page?

Update 2: The problem appears to have been temporary. Anyone know what was going on?

Next stop Damascus?

From a German-language newspaper, via Captain's Quarters:


Berlin - Syrian units employed chemical weapons against the black African population of Darfur in June of this year. The action, in which dozens of people were killed, was carried out with the agreement of the Sudanese government. Western intelligence services have reached this conclusion. They are supported by eyewitness reports that have been published in various Arab media outlets.


As Captain Ed comments:


So we have another Ba'athist regime using chemical weapons to put down a civil war. Anyone want to guess where they got the weapons? ... With Saddam and his regime gone, those Iraqi weapons came in awfully handy. It makes that al-Qaeda attempt at using a chemical-weapons bomb in Jordan look less like a fluke, doesn't it?

But no one in that area has WMD capability ... Bush lied, after all. Just ask the people of Darfur.


Go read all about it.

A petition I hope you'll sign

The following is part of an email I just received. It isn't spam. I put myself on the mailing list deliberately the day I added the "Friend of Israel" button to my sidebar and signed the petition referred to in the mail. I hope you'll help too.

Dear Friend of Israel,

Thank you for voting “No” to a Palestinian State in the heartland of Israel.


To launch the final phase of the Israel Referendum Campaign, we are initiating what the media calls “a viral message.” Millions of emails will be sent out via media sources and our voters. To create a viral message explosion, each voter needs to pass the referendum ballot on to his contact list, requesting that they pass it on to their contact list.

Please forward this mail to your email contacts, and ask them to vote “No” to a Palestinian state in the heartland of Israel by clicking here: http://www.globalisraelalliance.com/id10.html.


I'll forward a complete copy of the mail I received to anyone who writes me and asks me for it, but I won't mail it to everyone I know. Please let me know if you'd like a copy, or just click the link to sign the petition.

John Kerry: Unfit for Command -- Update 28

[Continued, more or less, from Update 27. Between Rathergate, computer problems, and guest posting on The Mudville Gazette, I've let some things slide by.]

Today's reading:

CQ: Bush's Lambeau Leap?

CQ: Viet Nam Vet: Kerry Pressured Me To Lie In 1971

The death cry of snob journalism

The death cry of snob journalism

New CBS news blog

You talked, we listened!

CBS News is happy to join the world of online journalism with our own new blog! ...

Heroes: The Untold Stories

Cassandra has a great guest post up at The Mudville Gazette. (As a regular reader of her site, I'm sure there will be more.) Click here or here to read her post. Just to whet your appetite:

Uncommon valor was a common virtue"
- Admiral Chester A. Nimitz, speaking of the Battle of Iwo Jima


Some receive medals. Others rest in flag-draped coffins or come home strapped to hospital gurneys. Many quietly return to duty, with little or no notice taken of their actions. Today I hope to remind you of all three kinds of heroes. ...

Birthday girl

Happy birthday, Heather. Thank you for being my little girl.

Why me, Lord? What have I ever done ... ? Thank you.



WorldNetDaily reports that the Six Flags adventure park in Jackson, N.J., is scheduled to hold a "Great Muslim Adventure Day" this week in which the park will be open only to Muslims.

The Muslim Youth Division of the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society, two of the largest Muslim organizations in America, have arranged exclusive use of Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J., for the entire day Friday.


Read it now, then go back for updates later.



OK, so I wasn't going to say anything more about Dan Rather, but Michelle has some good info on who put him up to it.

Forgerygate: All over but the hangin' -- On to other things

I've finally consciously considered a decision I think I made subconsciously several days ago. The blogosphere has absolutely swarmed the forged "60 Minutes" memo issue from the beginning, and nearly all of the mainstream media is on board now. It's all over but the hangin' and I'm not going to devote any more blog space to trying to keep score. I'll probably mention it when Dan Rather admits defeat or commits suicide, but other than that and posting an occasional cartoon or joke about it this will be my last mention of it. There are too many other things going on. We're still at war. North Korea may or may not have tested a nuclear weapon recently. The Syrians recently used chemical weapons in Darfur. (Gee, I wonder where they got those.) John Fraud Kerry still has a dwindling but finite chance of being elected. Life goes on.

Now we know where he really was. Finally.

Memogate news flash -- Rather has doubts

Two important news items from the Washington Post (Hat tip Drudge Report)

CBS Guard Documents Traced to Tex. Kinko's
It's looking more and more like known nut case Bill Burkett was the source of the forged memos.

Rather Concedes Papers Are Suspect

CBS anchor Dan Rather acknowledged for the first time yesterday that there are serious questions about the authenticity of the documents he used to question President Bush's National Guard record last week on "60 Minutes." ...

Update: As usual, Allah and The Commissar are all over the latest developments. Why do I even bother trying?

Welcome "Mudville Gazette" readers

My first guest post is up at The Mudville Gazette. If you haven't seen it, I hope you'll go read it. If you came here from Mudville, welcome. I hope you'll enjoy your stay and come back often.


Guest blogging at The Mudville Gazette -- Temporary slowdown here

I've been honored with an invitation to help hold down the fort while Greyhawk is "out of town" for a while. After learning who a few of the small handful of people involved are (I'll let them identify themselves on Greyhawk's site at times of their choosing), I feel even more honored than I did when I received the first "Are you interested?" mail from Greyhawk. So, there will be a temporary slowdown in my posting here while I introduce myself there, then I'll return to posting here pretty much as normal and post some of my posts on Greyhawk's site as well.

Ivan's getting personal

I just learned a little while ago that one of my favorite people is headed from New Orleans to my daughter's place in Fort Worth to escape Ivan. I hope she has a home to return to when things settle down.

Update: I just fixed the "learned" link in the first line. To stay on top of the part of the hurricane story that hits me closest to home, visit my daughter's blog often.

Update 9-16-04: New Orleans dodged a bullet. Andrea's headed home and expects to be back on the job tomorrow.

9-14-04 Link Dump -- Color me AWOL

I got most of my "housekeeping" done, but, as expected, I'm running way behind on other things. The things I had flagged to excerpt and comment on are so old that it doesn't even make sense to do a link dump. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Beldar: Dan Rather was complicit in defrauding the American public in an attempt to defeat a sitting President

Go. Read. It. All.

Then read the follow-up at Ace Of Spades HQ

A Black Eye for CBS News

First hand Kerry Lied rally report

Vietnam veteran Adrian Spidle attended the Sept 12 KERRY LIED rally in Washington and has a 3 part series describing his experiences on his blog, Public Enquiry Project. Must reading for all who care. Click here for Part 1, then follow his links to the rest of the series.

Veterans for Bush

Over 72,000 on the roll, and still growing. Check out their site.


Wictory Wednesday -- 9-15-2004

It's Wictory Wednesday Again

Dozens of blogs across the country participate in Wictory Wednesday. Every Wednesday, these bloggers put up a post asking their readers to volunteer and/or donate to worthy Republican campaigns. In their Wictory Wednesday posts, they also include the Wictory Wednesday blogroll, which lists all participating blogs.

I display the Wictory Wednesday blogroll on my sidebar seven days a week. -- Why wait for Wednesday to support the president's efforts to be reelected when we need a good man person (Rice/Lieberman '08!) in charge every day? Please do whatever you can for the Bush/Cheney campaign. We're in a war, people. We need a leader who understands that.

President Bush has accepted the nomination for a second term. It's too late to donate to the official Bush/Cheney campaign, but there's still plenty of time to help get rid of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle by replacing him with John Thune. The South Dakota Senate race is going to be a squeaker, but Thune can win with little help. Please go to his web site for more information.

Current Wictory Wednesday Bloggers:

Vocabulary word of the day: Pajamahadeen

From Kerry Spot --miss a day and you miss a lot.

Housekeeping day

I've already spent a major chunk of time today, and will be spending more, on such mundane tasks as creating a "Who is this guy and where is he coming from?" post, adding buttons to my sidebar, doing some cleanup on my web site, etc; I have a bunch of things bookmarked to blog about later, but I'm sure I'll end up doing another "link dump" post without excerpting or commenting on most of them. In the mean time, thanks in large part to kind words from Pat at Kerry Haters, as of 10:00 PM I'd already broken my previous daily site traffic record, even exceeding the day Greyhawk told his readers to check out my site. To ice the cake, Pat linked to one of my favorite posts -- If that one doesn't make a good first impression on the people he sent to see it there's probably nothing else on my site that would either. I'm wishing now that I'd put in a little more housekeeping time earlier, but that's water under the bridge now. I do have some preliminary indications that something else is coming up to give me another chance to impress some people who haven't come by before, but I'll wait till it firms up then put up a nice "Welcome --- readers" post when the time comes. For now, on with the housekeeping so I can make the most of that opportunity.

More than you ever wanted to know about me

I just discovered that even though the form you fill out to create a Blogger profile says "Write as little or as much as you'd like," when you try to do that they turn around and tell you "Must have at most 1200 characters." I guess I'll post this here, then put a link to it somewhere near the Profile block on my sidebar.
The picture in the corner of my blog is me with my reasons for living, and my reasons for caring so much about the upcoming election. I want my daughter and grandson to live long happy lives; Nothing in this world is more important to me than that.

I was born 2 miles outside of a little southern Illinois town you've never heard of, and moved at the age of 7 to within walking distance of a bigger town you still haven't heard of. In the spring of my sophomore year at the University of Illinois, President Nixon sent U.S. troops into Cambodia, the Ohio National Guard murdered 4 students at Kent State, people were marching around with signs saying "If you aren't part of the solution you're part of the problem," and school just didn't seem "relevant" any more. So, I enlisted.

After USAF Basic Training and tech school I was stationed for a few months at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, feeling like I still wasn't really doing my share. Next stop: Viet Nam. I spent 6 months pushing papers at Cam Rahn Bay Air Base, which was turned over to the Vietnamese in the late spring of 1972. Less than 2 days before I expected to be back in The World, I found out that, due to the '72 Tet Offensive, I was going to be spending at least 90 days TDY in Saigon. At that point, due to problems on the home front (which Jean Fraud Kerry and his slimy ilk helped fuel), I developed a sincere death wish and volunteered for an Aerial Port Mobility ("Bare Base") team to get a little closer to the action. -- Try to imagine, if you can, what it would feel like to have missed one of the doomed 9/11 flights due to a traffic jam or a flat tire. I was supposed to be on a C-130 that no one walked away from at Kontum, a damned site closer to Cambodia than John Kerry's ever been, but God didn't want me and Satan wasn't ready for me. I guess God had plans for my daughter and grandson, because I've yet to accomplish anything grand enough personally to justify my continued existence.

By the time I was discharged from the Air Force, 3 months early due to congressionally mandated budget cuts, Texas seemed a lot more like home than Illinois did, and I ended up getting a BSEE with Highest Honors (That's Texan for "summa cum laude") from The University of Texas in Austin. From there I moved to Fort Worth to work for Motorola for a while, then to the St Louis area to work for a now-defunct defense contractor, then to Cedar Rapids to work for Rockwell International. Along the way I was blessed with a beautiful intelligent daughter, picked up a Master of Engineering in EE degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, got divorced, remarried, and divorced again.

When the defense market contracted at the end of the Cold War, I was one of a huge number of perfectly good engineers who were given the opportunity to "explore opportunities in other areas." After a few month of living hand-to-mouth on savings and an occasional temp agency job, I did OK for a while on a couple of by-the-job computer programming gigs, then spent just over 8 years doing technical support for some big names I'd still be violating non-disclosure agreements if I identified. (Let's just say that some major software and hardware houses have been *outsourcing* their support since way before they started *offshoring* their support.) Eventually a lot of the big houses decided that people in parts of Canada sounded "American" enough to take their phone calls and some people in India could pass for American in an email or IM environment, and I found myself back on the streets, only this time with health problems serious enough to keep me from finding anything else anytime very soon. So, I'm back in Illinois sponging off family while I wait to see if the VA is eventually going to help enough with my health problems to allow me to be able to support myself again. In the mean time, my biggest contribution to society will be using my blog to do everything I can to steer other peoples thinking in the right direction.

Update: Things have taken a turn for the worse: A Post I Really Am Not Enjoying Writing

Please help some people who are making a difference.

[I redate this frequently to keep it near the top of my blog. That doesn't mean there isn't anything new to be seen. Please keep scrolling if you've seen this before.]

I've been so busy lately ranting about John Kerry's increasingly obvious character flaws that I haven't taken time for something else that I should have done the day I started blogging. I am not one of those people who'll try to tell you that 9/11 was our fault, or that if we'd just behaved differently in the past the War on Terror wouldn't be necessary. On the other hand, I'm a firm believer in helping those less fortunate, and I'm very much in favor of doing whatever can be done to keep the War on Terror from dragging on needlessly. I'm very much in favor, therefore, of helping some people I know are doing things that will make a difference, a difference that will echo on for generations. Let me tell you more about some of them.

Chief Wiggles is a Chief Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard and recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. While he was there, he was struck by the fact that small things that would seem trivial to many of us, a stuffed monkey, a ball, a pad of paper and a pencil, ..., could put a huge smile on the face of a child who'd never known such "luxuries". Having realized that, he started Operation Give, a charitable operation which has already provided toys and school supplies to thousands of Iraqi children and needs our help to be able to keep on giving. Please visit Operation Give's web site for information on how you can help.

Sgt Hook has been in the Army for 17 years and is "thinking of making it a career." He's currently serving with a transport helicopter group in Afghanistan. Senior enough that he wouldn't have to fly any more, he still does when he can, out of love for his job and his Soldiers. Please click here for a poignant reminder that flying Afghanistan is still not without it's risks. Aware of the good Operation Give is doing in Iraq, and of the extreme poverty he and his "crewdogs" witness every day, Sgt Hook launched Operation Shoe Fly. Those shoes your youngster outgrew long before they wore out, or quit wearing because the styles changed, can still make a huge difference in someone else's life. If you can afford an extra pair (or several) the next time you're out shopping, that's even better. Please click here for more information.

Spirit of America was founded by Jim Hake, a Los Angeles businessman inspired by the story of how Special Forces Sergeant Jay Smith and his team had improved the lives of the people in a village in eastern Afghanistan, and how their kindness had been repaid with help that may have literally saved their lives. Thanks to Mr. Hake's business expertise, Spirit of America has grown rapidly, and now makes significant contributions to the quality of life of people throughout Afghanistan and Iraq. They have provided the people of both countries with everything from frisbees, soccer balls and back-to-school kits to water barrels, sewing machines and carpentry tools. Like Operation Give and Operation Shoe Fly, Spirit of America is a nonprofit operation that depends on donations from the public to be able to keep on giving. Please click here to learn more.

A message to my fellow bloggers: I'm going to be making an effort to get some of you to help me spread the word about all three of these worthy organizations. You are hereby granted permission to copy any portion of this post, with or without attribution or a link to my blog. If you'd like to send me some traffic that would be great, but mainly just please help me spread the word. I know some of you have blogged about these organizations in the past -- If you hadn't I might not know about them. It seems to me lately, though, that maybe "the new has worn off." The need these guys are trying to fill still exists. Let's all do our part.

I'm wondering whether there'd be enough interest to get some sort of Wictory Wednesday type of thing going to help out Chief Wiggles, Sgt Hook, and SOA. I'd be glad to handle the email and blogrolling involved. First I'd need someone to help out with a catchy name. "Hearts and Minds Friday"? ... Nah. Can somebody help me there? Can someone with some Photoshop ability help with an appropriate button?

Update 18-8-2004: I just changed Chief Wiggles' title based on email from him.

Update 25-8-2004: I just changed "numerous" to "thousands of" after receiving email from Chief Wiggles. I'm redating the post to give it more exposure. Originally posted 16-8-2004 22:39

Update 31-8-2004: I'm redating this to take advantage of the significant traffic surge I'm seeing after Greyhawk said nice things about me.

Update 14-9-2004: Redating, no changes.

Pajama Party

Greyhawk reports that we now know which CBS Producer was the first one to handle the forged "Bush AWOL" documents:

Talon News reports today that CBS spokesperson Kelli Edwards confirmed to it that Mary Mapes was the CBS representative who obtained the disputed documents that allegedly give details of George W. Bush's National Guard service.

CBS producer Mary Mapes is a controversial figure who has made headlines in her own right.


He then continues with an interesting history lesson to help you get to know Ms Mapes a little better. Go read it, please. It's worth the time.

Michelle Malkin: SCAMS@CBSNEWS.COM

By Michelle Malkin · September 14, 2004 01:58 AM

It's a real e-mail address. No joke. Send 'em your thoughts!
You might want to let them know, for example, if you have reason to suspect that a nationally broadcast TV news show has tried to use forged documents to bolster it's claim that a well known politician shirked his military obligations at some time in the past.



NEW YORK — In a stunning development, the flagship news program of CBS, 60 Minutes, has decided to investigate its Wednesday night counterpart, ‘60 Minutes II.’

60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt came out of retirement in order to investigate the spinoff program, which, he pointed out, was an idea he had always hated and opposed anyway.

"This story has all the classic ingredients parts of a archetypal 60 Minutes story,” Hewitt said. “Forgeries and lies. A brazen attempt to influence a presidential election. Shadowy political operatives. A powerful institution that is hiding behind short, defiant statements. The whole situation just screamed a need for a hard-hitting reporter to hold the powerful guys in suits accountable. It just happens that in this case, we’re interviewing the powerful guys in suits down the hall.”

[There's more. Go read it.]


Tim Blair has a great Rathergate link roundup. Go check it out.

New Microsoft Product

Inspired by Rathergate, Jeff Miller has created Microsoft Forger, with handy features for future CBS sources, including:
  • Output machine selection - Select from a variety of emulators for everything from manual typewriters, IBM Selectrics, early model word processors such as Wang and many others.
  • Font selection - Once you have selected the machine type, font selection is limited to only those fonts actually available for that machine. No longer will you make stupid mistakes like selecting Times New Roman for memorandum that were suppose to be typed on a IBM Selectric.
  • [...]
Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

9-13-04 Link Dump

There's too much happening for me to even think about excerpting everything good I've run across today, so I guess it's link dump time again:

Donald Sensing: Are they trying to lose?

Donald Sensing: Game absolutely over, period

A Small Victory: Flame-Proof Pajamas -or- Why MemoGate Matters


Instapundit: September 13, 2004

American Spectator: Here We Go Some More

Baltimore Sun: Rather's doubters unmoved


More from Allah


Learn more about Dan Rather

Expert: Dan Rather Exaggerates Military Record

One of the nation’s top military researchers is angry that CBS News anchorman Dan Rather continues to exaggerate and make misleading statements about his military record.

The researcher, B.G. Burkett, says that Rather’s inaccurate statements about his military service can be found in the new hit book "Bias,” written by veteran CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg.

Burkett, co-author of the book "Stolen Valor,” a history of the media’s portrayal of the Vietnam conflict, says he’s tired of Rather’s double-talk and hypocrisy.

Case in point are Rather’s claims in "Bias.” Goldberg's book details a confrontation he had with Rather over the anchorman's compulsive liberal bias.


This is the same Dan Rather, the same fine upstanding pillar of society, who wants us to believe the Forgerygate documents are genuine because he says they are, and after all, he's Dan Rather, and he would never mislead us. How dare we even suggest that he might?

Dr. Joseph M. Newcomer: The Bush "Guard memos" are forgeries!

Microsoft MVP Dr. Joseph M. Newcomer's definitive analysis of the Dan Rather/forgerygate documents is widely recognized as THE answer to any possible remaining questions about whether the purported TANG documents on which ABC based a recent "60 Minutes II" story are forgeries. Read about Dr. Newcomer's background here, then click here to view his analysis of the situation. Please note that the site has been subject to periodic outages due to high traffic and try later if you can't get there on the first try. Alternatively, view the mirror site that LGF's Charles Johnson set up to ease the bandwidth crunch on the primary site.


William Safire advice to Dan Rather

The N Y Times > Safire: Those Discredited Memos

Years ago, Kurdish friends slipped me amateur film taken of Saddam's poison-gas attack that killed thousands in Halabja. I gave it to Dan Rather, who trusted my word on sources. Despite objections from queasy colleagues, he put it on the air.

Hey, Dan: On this, recognize the preponderance of doubt. Call for a panel of old CBS hands and independent editors to re-examine sources and papers. Courage.

Satan's Sister

Satan visits church...

A few minutes before the services started, the townspeople were sitting in their pews and talking. Suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church. Everyone started screaming and running for the front entrance, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get away from evil incarnate.

Soon everyone had exited the church except for one elderly gentleman who sat calmly in his pew without moving, seeming oblivious to the fact that God's ultimate enemy was in his presence. So Satan walked up to the old man and said, "Don't you know who I am?"


Read the rest

Our patriotic "war hero" -- I'll bet he spits on it, too

Hat tip: Johnny Four Months

You might be a blogaholic if ...

Hatless in Hattiesburg has a list of the warning signs, with contribution from other bloggers still rolling in:

You bought tickets for a cruise on the USS Clueless, and are disappointed that it was cancelled.

You are upset that there was never an X-Files episode about the Volokh Conspiracy.

You name your two dogs Chomps and Scrappleface. They are both Rottweilers.

You develop a love/hate relationship with monkeys, and think there may be an infinite number of them.


You don't need to click any of these links to get the jokes.

I contributed:
You can't decide whether to name your daughter "Michele" or "Michelle" so you settle on "Gnat".
Go read the whole list, and make your contribution.

Please sign a petition that could save some lives.

WishMeLuck at zaneirani needs you to sign a petition. I did, and I hope you will too. Lives are at stake and maybe it will help.

Forgerygate culprit: "Deep Font"

Go read The Commissar's latest on the Dan Rather/forgerygate issue, then bookmark his site and keep going back. I've been reading his site on a *frequent* basis for months, but he just moved to my *daily* list.

Zell Miller -- Still my man

Check out Zell's WSJ opinion piece:

Telling It Like It Is
I will never trust John Kerry with my family's safety.

BY Zell Miller
Monday, September 13, 2004 12:01 a.m. EDT

My critics in the national media are working overtime trying to paint me as an angry nut who got the facts all wrong in my speech to the Republican National Convention. Since there's not enough time to challenge all of these critics to a duel, let me set the record straight here and now. ...


Zell still says he's retiring from politics at the end of his current senate term. I'd like to see him change his mind. If the Democrats had been smart enough to run a Lieberman/Miller or Miller/Lieberman ticket this year they could have won in a landslide.

Hat tip: Allah

Slate: Rather Suspicious

Rather Suspicious - Searching for answers in the Killian memo controversy.


The typography experts quoted by major media organizations are nearly unanimous in their doubts that the Killian memos are genuine. ABC News says it talked to "more than a half dozen document experts" who doubt the veracity of the documents.


Read the whole thing. It misses some key points, like the fact that the person who was supposedly pressuring the memo writer to "sugar-coat" his evaluation of George Bush had retired 18 months earlier and was in no position to do any such thing, but it's a start.

C & F 9-12-04

Another day, another Kerry

Lunaris did not wake up in a good mood, I'm pleased to see. That's when she does some of her best work.

... then why in the f**k are you voting Kerry? Stupidity? Bush isn't perfect. But as a leader, Kerry scares the hell out of me. It's like I said when I woke up this morning...

"Another day, another Kerry."

Go read it all, then bookmark her site if you haven't already.

Sunday Night Link Dump -- 9/12/04

I spent a major part of the day copying pictures and music from the hard drive on a dead computer, which I don't trust the service center not to format even though it isn't part of the problem, onto the hard drive of a rental machine. As I result, I'm once again going to have to settle for just linking to some things I wish I had time to excerpt and comment on:

Power Line: Suicide Bombers and CBS News

Chicago Sun Times: CBS falls for Kerry campaign's fake memo

Grim's Hall: Enid & Geriant

Washington Times: Bush Guard papers 'forged'

"They're forged as hell," said Earl W. Lively, 76, who during the era in question was director of Texas Air National Guard operations in Austin.

Jay Random: The alleged Killian memo of 18 August 1973 is definitely a forgery, and a poor and inept forgery, at that.

Ace: Source for the Forged Documents Unmasked?

Captain's Quarters: Caught In The Act Of Not Being AWOL!

Captain's Quarters: WaPo Tries Rehabilitating Teresa Heinz Kerry

Speed of Thought: Letter of Apology

Live From Baghdad!

"Life is tough" ...

". . . but it's tougher when you're stupid."


Pajama Warriors

Did we just find the right man for CIA?

Insightful observations

Posted in the comments at a backup to yet another Drudge-killed server:

"A smaller segment believe that both the DNC and the Kerry campaign were duped by Karl Rove"

If this is true:

1) Kerry is to stupid to be President. If he could be sucker punched this bad I don't want him going head-to-head with terrorist and tyrants.

2) Rove should be fired as Bush's campaign manager and immediately rehired as Director of the CIA. That kind of effective deviousness is hard to find.

Shamelessly stolen from Ken Summers, whose site I'll be reading more often from now on.

Band of Bloggers

Praise be to Allah for the idea and a Clenched Fist Salute to The Commissar for enhancing it.

Hat tip: Captain's Quarters

60 Minutes: Busted

ImageShack - Hosting :: 60minbusted.swf

Hat tip: Power Line

Update: Bumping time stamp to improve the odds you'll see this.
Originally posted 11Sep04 20:59

More on Forgerygate

CBS Forged Documents

The Kerry Fairy: Memo to CBS

Lawsuit Uncovers 1973 Bush 'Atrocity' Testimony

Lawsuit Uncovers 1973 Bush 'Atrocity' Testimony -- Shocking. Maybe George Bush isn't the right man for the job after all.

Screen shot of 60 Minute's proof -- It's convincing.

OK, I give. Just go check it out.

Finally, proof Kerry really was in Cambodia

You have to see this. Hell, even I'm convinced: Authentic Document Proves Kerry in Cambodia

Second Breakfast Satire Roundup

Satire Roundup

I would have gotten away with it ...

Rather replaced at CBS?