I know it isn't December 31st ...

I know it isn't December 31st, and no I have not quit ranting. I just decided my blog should open on a positive note regardless of my mood. If you've already seen the first three posts after this one, just scroll past them for more information.

Taking time to brag on "Daddy's little girl"

I hadn't realized till tonight what a philosopher "daddy's little girl" had become, or what a gifted writer. This is why life is worth hanging around for:

In Another Life

In another Life, another Timeline, Another point in space and Is, things worked out much differently.

15 years ago, I was thrown from my horse and trampled. In another life, he stepped a couple centimeters left and crushed my spine …


8 years ago, an 18 wheeler hit me as I sat at a stoplight on a busy road. … In a thousand different alternate realities, I never made it off that road alive. In this reality, I drove that car to work and was forcibly taken to the hospital, but they only found mild whiplash. They asked me to stay up for 24 hours, and this cute guy came over to keep me company... and we've been married more than 7 years now.


2 years and 5 days ago, I gave birth to my son. He was born at 8:05, although his birth certificate says 8:06 because it took them a minute to get him breathing. In another life, one that I don't even want to visit in my nightmares, the doctors and nurses didn't do some tiny necessary detail, and it took 5 minutes, or 10, or they never made it. In that timeline, I doubt if I would be here today.

At every turn, I have chosen who I am going to become. …


… I have the life I love because of the pain I have lived. And for that, I am grateful.

Take a break from worrying' about the election and the War on Terror. Smell the roses for minute. Click here.

[Actual posting date 2004-08-26]

Meet my grandson

How about grandson-blogging, cat-blogging, and computer-blogging all in one place?

(Click the pictures to enlarge them.)

There are a lot more where these came from. Click here for more pictures of Ian and here to see my entire web site.

Update: I originally posted this July 17th. I'll be bumping it to the top of my blog every few days. I mean, I'm not proud or anything. :-)

Update 2: I forgot to mention that I bought Ian that HP Travel Mouse (just the right size for little hands) as soon as I found out he was on the way. I also gave him the computer as an early Christmas present when he was 3 months old.

Just Dumb Ol' George

1) Click the pictures to learn the stories behind them.

2) Compare and Contrast: George W. Bush, Jean Fraud Kerry.

Kerry would have been too busy consulting the French to bother with a lowly Sgt. and would have reminded young Miss Faulkner he'd been to Vietnam.

Hat tip: Louisiana Conservative for reminding me about the picture of the president with Sgt. McNaughton.

Update: Check out Infidel Cowboy's related post. (I'm bumping this to the top of my blog so you won't miss it. Originally published 20040818 9:28 PM)

No, I Have Not Quit Ranting.

No, I haven't quit ranting, and there's a reason for the bogus date on the first few posts. I've decided that my blog should always open on a positive note. So, from now on, the first item at the top of my blog will always be a short note telling you to watch for this one and the next item or two will be devoted to bragging about my daughter and/or my grandson. After that will be something positive about George Bush, followed by this post.


I am NOT always politically correct. I am NOT always polite. Beware of occasional rough language ahead. The only thing I hate worse than John Kerry, Michael Moore, and their sorry ilk is Islamic radicals. If any of that offends you, go hug a tree or something. You have been warned.

Some links I want to keep handy near the top of my blog at all times: [Updated 9/18/04 -- new links added, reformatted lists]
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["Meeting With The Enemy" link added 9/23/04]
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It's still Sept. 12, and it will be for quite a while.

It's September 12th. For some of us, it will be for a long time to come. For other's, it was September 10th again before the WTC even quit smoking. If you're back in that September 10th world, here are some links I hope you'll click to refresh your memory.

Read how Lila remembers that day.

Read how Greyhawk remembers it.

Read about young Sara's grasp of the situation.

Did you see the poster Michele and Lisa put together? Look at it again.

Maybe Charles Johnson's slideshow will refresh your memory.

Or how about a short movie?

Didn't enjoy that one? How about this one?
(Hat tip: gecko sent me that link but hasn't posted it himself yet.)

Check back later, I'll find you some more. I have the URL for at least one more, but the sites are getting so much traffic I can't get to them to verify what I have right now.

I'll keep this near the top of my blog where it's easy to find.

(Post-dating this post to keep it near the top of the stack. Originally published 12Sep04)